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Prof. Dr. David Daniel Ebert

Prof. Dr. David Daniel Ebert

Professor of Psychology & Digital Mental Health Care, TU Munich

CSO, HelloBetter

David Daniel Ebert

David Daniel Ebert is professor of Psychology & Digital Mental Health Care at TU Munich and director of the Protect Lab. Dr. Ebert is also co-founder, co-managing director and chief scientific officer of HelloBetter, as well as president of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions, ISRII.

Mr. Ebert’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of evidence-based Internet and mobile-based health interventions for the promotion of mental health in different settings and environments (e.g. work, university) with a special focus on the prevention and early intervention of mental illness.

Further research areas include the health economic evaluation of psychological interventions and the identification of protective factors for mental health, as well as the development and testing of multivariate models to predict psychosocial health outcomes.


New Study Shows Limited Effects When Mental Disorders are Only Treated with Smartphone Apps

The number of available apps for mental health is steadily increasing in the app stores. In principle, apps could be a low-threshold, anonymous, time- and location-independent and cost-effective supplement to traditional mental health treatment options, but their effectiveness is still largely unclear.

Special Issue published: WHO World Mental Health International College Student Initiative

Recently, a special issue focusing on the WHO World Mental Health International College Student initiative and its research findings was published in the renown International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research.

Was Eysenck Right?

About 65 years ago, German-British psychologist Hans-Jürgen Eysenck (1916-1997) caused a great stir with a paper in which he questioned the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Patients, according to Eysenck, are often better off after some time had passed, even without treatment -psychotherapy is thus ascribed a healing effect that is not caused by it.

About Us

The Protect Lab is an interdisciplinary research unit headed by professor David Daniel Ebert. We focus on the development, scientific evaluation and implementation of Behavioral Health Technology interventions to promote public health, with a special focus on mental illness.

The Protect Lab is associated with the TU Munich chair of Psychology & Digital Mental Health Care and the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. We work in close cooperation with a cluster of national and international research institutes, service providers, and public policy representatives.

Recently Published

A Web- and Mobile-Based Intervention for Comorbid, Recurrent Depression in Patients With Chronic Back Pain on Sick Leave (Get.Back): Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial on Feasibility, User Satisfaction, and Effectiveness

Abstract Background: Chronic back pain (CBP) is linked to a higher prevalence and higher occurrence of major depressive disorder (MDD) and can lead to reduced quality of life. Unfortunately, individuals with both CBP and recurrent MDD are underidentified.