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Moderators of psychological and psychoeducational interventions for the prevention of depression- A systematic review

Moderators of psychological and psychoeducational interventions for the prevention of anxiety- A systematic review

Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression- An Individual Patient Data Network Meta-Analysis

Impact of an acceptance facilitating intervention on psychotherapists’ acceptance of blended therapy

Digitale Behandlungsangebote für Insomnie–eine Übersichtsarbeit

A Web- and Mobile-Based Intervention for Comorbid, Recurrent Depression in Patients With Chronic Back Pain on Sick Leave (Get.Back): Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial on Feasibility, User Satisfaction, and Effectiveness

Abstract Background: Chronic back pain (CBP) is linked to a higher prevalence and higher occurrence of major depressive disorder (MDD) and can lead to reduced quality of life. Unfortunately, individuals with both CBP and recurrent MDD are underidentified.

Unraveling the black box- exploring usage patterns of a blended treatment for depression in a multicenter study


Suicidal thoughts and behaviors among first-year college students- Results from the WMH-ICS project

Internetbasierte Selbstmanagementinterventionen

Internet-based interventions in chronic somatic disease


Internetbasierte Intervention bei chronischen Schmerzen

Die Nutzungsbereitschaft von Patienten mit Adipositas gegenüber neuen Medien in der Rehabilitationsnachsorge

Attitudes towards digital treatment for depression- a European stakeholder survey

Psychological treatment of depression in college students- a metaanalysis

Implementing and up-scaling evidence-based eMental health in Europe- the study protocol for the MasterMind project

Online-Trainings zur Stressbewältigung-eine neue Chance zur Gesundheitsförderung im Lehrerberuf?

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