Behavioral Health Technology

Technology to promote physical and mental health. In the PROTECT Lab, we develop and evaluate Behavioral Health Technology interventions, with a focus on Internet and mobile (app)-based health programs. The short and long-term effectiveness of all interventions is extensively evaluated in randomized controlled trials.

Depression Prevention

Depressive disorders are widespread, associated with severe individual suffering and cause high costs to society as a whole. For some time now, researchers have been increasingly concerned with the question of how depression can not only be treated effectively, but can also be prevented beforehand through appropriate intervention formats. In this context, the Protect Lab is investigating the role digital interventions can play in the prevention of depression.

Health Economic Evaluation

Health economics offers possibilities for the comparative evaluation of diagnostic, preventive or therapeutic procedures with regard to their effectiveness and costs. The research of the Protect Lab deals in particular with health economic aspects of psychological-psychotherapeutic interventions.