Mathias Harrer, MSc

Mathias Harrer, MSc

Psychology & Digital Mental Health Care

Technical University of Munich


Mathias Harrer is a researcher at the Technical University of Munich. Since 2020, he is a fellow of the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (BIDT).

Mathias Harrer’s research concentrates on utilizing biostatistical and technological methods (machine learning, predictive modeling, and personalized sensing) to develop intelligent Internet-based intervention systems aimed at preventing and treating mental illnesses.

Another research area are statistical methods for research synthesis and meta-analysis of clinical trials, and the development of statistical software. He is the developer and maintainer of the R packages dmetar, metapsyData, and metapsyTools, and author of the book “Doing Meta-Analysis with R: A Hands-On Guide”.

  • Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling in Psychotherapy Research
  • Sensor-based Modeling of Psychopathology
  • Statistical Tools for Research Synthesis and Meta-analysis
  • Stress Management Interventions