Get.On Regeneration

Craig Adderley on Pexels


Project Description

Online regeneration training for better sleep for teachers with high occupational demands

Sleep disorders and work-related stress often occur together and are associated with individual suffering and functional limitations as well as high economic costs.

Internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapeutic interventions for insomnia (IKVT-I) have the potential to reduce the existing gap in care and have proven to be effective in many cases. Less is known about the effectiveness of IKVT-I in populations with work-related stress. Therefore, the aim is to evaluate an IKVT-I training specifically designed for work-related stress.

In a two-armed, randomized controlled study (N = 126) the effects of IKVT-I training (GET.ON Regeneration) are compared to a waiting control condition before, after training and to a 6-month catamnesis. Teachers with clinically significant insomniac complaints and work-related stress reactions are included in the study.

GET.ON Regeneration emphasizes, in addition to classic KVT-I elements (e.g. sleep restriction, examination of dysfunctional sleep-related cognitions), the mental distancing from occupational problems and the promotion of recovery activities.

A health economic evaluation from a societal perspective is carried out.


Funding & Cooperation