Get.On Panic

David Garrison on Pexels


Project Description

Online training for the management of panic disorders with smartphone support

Internet-based interventions (IBI) to reduce panic and fear have proven to be effective. So far, however, these online programs have not supported the person concerned in practicing new behavioral patterns directly in the fear-inducing situation.

For this purpose we developed GET.ON Panic - an online training based on cognitive behavioral therapy consisting of 6 lessons on psychoeducation, exposure, cognitive restructuring and relapse prevention.

The training has been expanded with elements for the smartphone, such as a diary or exposure app. In a 2-arm randomized controlled study, the effects of GET.ON Panic are compared with those of a waiting control group. Participants with subclinical and clinical panic disorder (with and without agoraphobia) are included.

GET.ON Panic is a promising IBI, which, thanks to smartphone support, starts “where the panic happens” - namely in the everyday life of those affected.


Funding & Cooperation