Get.On Offline

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Project Description

GET.On Offline is an online-based self-help training for coping with problematic internet usage. Problematic Internet usage can relate to computer games, social networks, but also to online sex, online shopping and online gambling. Where is the line between everyday use and problematic use? Problematic behavior begins when affected persons have an irresistible desire for the respective activities. Their thoughts and emotions are massively influenced by online offers.

People who use the Internet excessively begin to lose control over their use and, if they are denied access, withdrawal symptoms may occur. This can manifest itself, for example, in restlessness, nervousness or depressive mood. Tolerance can also develop and other important areas of life can be affected. Problematic Internet use thus has negative consequences in various areas. One may no longer pay attention to a healthy lifestyle or experience losses in professional or academic areas of life.

Study Participation



Karina Saruhanjan, MSc
Karina Saruhanjan, MSc
Research Associate