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Project Description

Internet-based Prevention of Major Depression

Major Depression (MD) is associated with a significant loss of quality of life, increased mortality rates and enormous economic costs. It is estimated that current therapies could reduce the burden of disease attributable to MD at the population level by only one third. Preventive services can help reduce the burden of disease caused by MD. The aim of the study is therefore to evaluate an internet-based intervention for the prevention of MD.

Methods: In a two-arm randomized controlled trial (N=420) the (cost-) effectiveness of an internet-based intervention (GET.ON Depression) relative to a control condition (psychoeducation) will be compared to the 12-month catamesis. The sample includes adults with subclinical depression. GET.ON Depression includes minimal therapeutic support by an online coach. The primary endpoint is the time to onset of a depressive episode. A health economic evaluation from a societal perspective will be conducted.


Funding & Cooperation

German Ministry for Education and Research